Nomadic übergeek Brewing Co. has found a home

übergeek Brewing Co. is no longer a nomadic brewery. They are taking over the Moustache Brewing Co. location in Riverhead. This makes Riverhead the epicenter for Long Island craft beer.

There are currently seven breweries in the area with a tasting room:

  • Long Ireland Beer Company
  • Tradewinds Brewing Company
  • Peconic County Brewing
  • Garden of Eve Farm Brewery (Seasonal)
  • North Fork Brewing Company
  • Twin Fork Beer Co.
  • übergeek Brewing Company
Source: Ubergeek Brewing

Moustache Brewing Co. will continue on

Moustache Brewing Co. will continue distributing their beer with the assistance of other breweries using contract brewing. Co-owners Lauri and Matt Spitz signed a lease in October 2017 to expand their operation. The brewery went from 1,400 square feet to approximately 5,600 square feet overall. Unfortunately, the additional debt of the expansion caused them to go bankrupt (reorganization) due to the economic stress brought on by the COVID19 pandemic.

Source: Moustache Brewing

On February 19, 2021 Moustache Brewing Co. posted on Facebook:

“The only constant in life is change.” -HeraclitusNothing in this life ever remains the same. Life and the universe are constantly in flux. Change is the only constant. Without change, there is no growth or evolution, only death. Sometimes change happens so quickly that it’s unnoticeable until much later, and you look back and wonder how you got here in the first place. We are a very different brewery now than when we started back in 2014; every moment between then and the present has been a unique and exciting adventure. When we opened our doors, we had one simple goal: to make and sell beer. Goal achieved. We didn’t realize at the time that our journey was about something so much more significant. It was about the realization of a beautiful community of distinct individuals united by a love of good beer and a penchant for friendship. Beer was the catalyst that brought countless people from different walks of life together. From behind the bar, we witnessed the birth of new bonds daily. We successfully created a space where people could arrive as strangers and leave as family. The past few years have brought several changes for us: a bigger brewery, the seemingly constant changes to the rules of service due to COVID, expanded distribution, new team members, and a great deal of unique and delicious beers. Today, we want to tell you about the next phase of our journey. As of Sunday, February 28nd, we will be closing our tasting room and brewery location. Moustache Brewing Co. will be moving to a different business model in which we will exclusively produce and distribute beer through our brewery and distribution partners. We will no longer be operating out of our current location, nor will we have a tasting room. As many of you know, the past year has been incredibly challenging for us on many levels. While this was not an easy decision to make, we know deep down that this is the best choice for us moving forward. For those of you who have made our brewery your home over the past seven years, please know that you will still have a place to call home. We are proud to announce that our former head brewer and good friend, Rob Raffa of übergeek Brewing Co., will be taking over our tasting room and brewery location as his own. Please join us these next two weekends to share a pint and reminisce on all the memories we’ve made over the years.”

Facebook 2/19/21

Rob Raffa has his location

übergeek Brewing Co. owner Rob Raffa was the head brewer at Moustache for nearly five years. He brews a great NEIPA (New England IPA) plus more. We are excited to see what new experimental beers will be produced by him at his old stomping grounds.

Source: Ubergeek Brewing
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